Assessment in Theological Education

09 September 2020

With the 2021 SCD Learning & Teaching Theology conference (23–24 April 2021) focusing on Assessment, why not use 2020 to do some research in that area, and then present the results of your research at the conference?

Call for Papers is open

How will you start? Of all the pieces of assessment your students will submit in your classes this year, where is ONE item that you can choose to do something different to previous years?

Design the assessment task, with clear links to the Learning Outcomes. Express what you are hoping to happen. Design some way of checking whether or not it DOES happen. Work out a way of getting student feedback about the whole enterprise. Invite other teachers to be involved in this piece of research with you. So much for your first post in this space.

Then, when all the results are in, write it up. You will then be ready to present something in April 2021, and, hopefully, your students have benefitted from a little bit of innovation. Even the realists will be glad about that!

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