Future Students

Information for Future Students

A Higher Degree by Research equips you with specialist knowledge, research training and experience in your chosen field to support a professional or an academic career.

It is an opportunity to expand your intellectual interests as you pursue advanced study in a theologically related area by research at the highest academic level. It builds in-depth disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary expertise equipping you with skills and knowledge that are highly valued and valuable in academia and ministry. Historically, a strong interdisciplinary focus has characterised much of the research conducted at the Graduate Research School, enabling graduates to integrate their faith at the highest academic level with the professions and ministry agencies in which they work.

The Sydney College of Divinity Graduate Research School seeks not only to produce scholars whose theological research reflects the highest academic excellence but also who exhibit its deep impact upon their character in their academic, denominational and professional leadership, as well as in the spiritual formation of their communities.