2019 Learning & Teaching Theology Conference

26 October 2018

God’s Exemplary Graduates: Character-Oriented Graduate Attributes in Theological Education

Higher Educational Institutions produce graduates who then take their place as leaders in society for years to come. The aspirations of an Institution of learning can be expressed in terms of Institutional and/or Course Graduate Attributes, which can guide and shape the learning experiences of the students on their journey towards those goals.

Given the increasingly obvious need for societal leaders being decent human beings who act ethically and with integrity, how can institutional Graduate Attributes aspire to shape these kind of human beings?

How can the student learning experience be guided by such Graduate Attributes in order to bring the aspirations into reality, producing ethical and humane graduates?

Can an Institution of Higher Education hope to graduate better human beings prepared to build a better society?

Since the transformation of character has always been on the agenda for theological education, the conference will explore the theme of character-focused Graduate Attributes within the Theological Higher Education sector.

Venue : Sydney College of Divinity
Unit 6B, 5 Talavera Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Date : 5-6 April 2019

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