Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

About this course

The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) (BTh (Hons)) is an AQF level 8 award. It qualifies candidates who apply a body of theological knowledge in a specific context to undertake professional work and as a pathway for research and further learning in one or more theologically-related disciplines.

The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is not offered to international students.

An applicant for admission to candidature for a degree of Bachelor of Theology (Honours) shall:

  • hold a Bachelor of Theology from the Sydney College of Divinity completed within the previous five years, with a grade point average of 2.7 overall and 3.0 in the area of specialisation; or
  • hold a qualification from another university or tertiary institution that the Academic Board considers equivalent to the requirements above.

The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) requires the completion of 72 credit points, comprising 36 credit points in coursework and a thesis for 36 credit points.

The award shall include:

  • an 8100-series Research Methodology Unit (9 credit points)
  • an 8100 Honours Seminar Unit (9 credit points)
  • a further two units (18 credit points in total) in the area of specialisation from 9200-series units
  • a thesis of 20,000 words for 36 credit points in the area of specialisation.

Graduates will have a coherent and advanced body of knowledge with depth in the underlying principles and concepts in one or more theologically-related disciplines, and knowledge of research principles and methods.



Graduates will have cognitive and technical skills in a theologically-related body of knowledge, so that they are able independently to:

  • review, analyse, synthesise and transform theological information and identify and transmit solutions to complex problems;
  • think critically, evaluate and generate complex ideas;
  • technical skills to design and use research in a project;
  • communicate theologically-related knowledge, skills and ideas clearly and coherently to a variety of audiences.


Applications of Knowledge and Skills

Graduates will have the ability to demonstrate the application of knowledge and skills

  • with initiative and judgment in professional practice and/or scholarship in one or more theologically-related disciplines;
  • adapt knowledge and skills in diverse theologically-related contexts;
  • with responsibility and accountability for own learning and practice and in collaboration with others;
  • to plan and execute project work and/or a piece of research and scholarship with some independence.

Students may articulate to the Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Ministry, Doctor of Theology, and Doctor of Philosophy provided they meet the entry requirements.

The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is not offered to international students.


The Bachelor of Theology (Honours) is offered through the individual colleges and an application for enrolment must be made to the Registrar of the teaching institution. The registrar will be able to help you with all information regarding your study, including fees, units, mode of delivery, and timetable.


A domestic Sydney College of Divinity student is designated as a full-time if enrolled in 27 credit points or more in a semester, or part-time if enrolled in fewer than 27 credit points per semester. SCD offers a wide range of units and students have the option to study one or more units across the colleges delivering SCD awards, whilst enrolled with one college.


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