The Sydney College of Divinity Graduate Research School is part of the Sydney College of DivinityThe Graduate Research School draws on and contributes to the research ethos of the SCD.  It is where research students interact to form a community, and are supported by established scholars to undertake higher degrees by research, and to enter the wider world of research. 

The Sydney College of Divinity has one of the largest bodies of theological staff in the country. The Sydney College of Divinity academic governance ensures that the principal and associate supervisors appointed by the Graduate Research School are research-active in a field relevant to the student’s research. External academics may also be specially engaged to provide supervision.

The research students come together through evening Research Seminars held approximately eight times a year. At these seminars students gain experience in communicating their research aims and findings by presenting short papers on their research and other students learn to critique them constructively. Occasionally other scholars are invited to make presentations that will be instructive for the research students. The seminars are also opportunities for social mingling over refreshments. Research training workshops are also offered and research students are encouraged to participate in research conferences within SCD and in the wider sector.


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