Latin American Theology and the Pandemic

TRN Seminar

The video is an online presentation of Dr Rocio Figueroa paper Latin American Theology and the Pandemic. The paper is the second in the 2020 – 2021 seminar series Theologising in the Shadow of a Pandemic, an initiative of the Sydney College of Divinity Theology Research Network. A shortened text of the paper is available for download.

Theologians are tasked with analysing and interpreting the ‘signs of the times’. In this paper Dr Rocio Figueroa attempts to address the COVID-19 Pandemic as a sign of our times, using the lens of Latin American theology. This incorporates a theology of signs of the times, the poor and vulnerable as the point of departure, and the methodology of see-judge-act.In an eschatological view of history the vulnerable are highlighted by the cross of Jesus and from them we respond to the question ‘Where is God in our fragile world?’

The video concludes with responses from Mr Carlos Guzman, a 2020 Sydney College of Divinity PhD student from Chile, working on the Ethics of Liberation of Enrique Dussel.

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