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The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is an ecumenical cluster of colleges, which allows research candidates in the Graduate Research School to experience a rich diversity of scholarly and theological viewpoints. This strengthens the candidate’s own ability to think incisively across the academic disciplines and to reflect in a nuanced and appreciative manner about scholarly viewpoints and methodologies sometimes vastly different to their own.

We seek to produce scholars whose theological research reflects the highest academic excellence and who also exhibit its deep impact upon their character in their academic, denominational and professional leadership, as well as in the spiritual formation of their communities.


The candidate’s research is conducted under the careful oversight of professionally in-serviced, well published, and experienced supervisors and associate supervisors. Supervisors provide consistent and reasonable support to help students at every stage, from formulation of their research projects through establishing methodologies and discussing results, to presentation and possible publication of dissertations.




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