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The SCD Press was established in 2003. The SCD Press is the publishing house of the Sydney College of Divinity and furthers our objective of excellence in research by publishing a significant program of publications.

It provides opportunities for the Graduate Research School students, Sydney College of Divinity faculty and interested academics from around the globe to publish in a range of peer-reviewed publications. The journals and other publications are of the highest quality and cover diverse topics building on our ecumenical identity.

The SCD Press publishes the Journal of Gospels and Acts Research, one of the first of its kind that is dedicated entirely to the Gospels and the Book of Acts, for its connection to the Gospel of Luke. It publishes the Korean School of Theology’s Journal of Theological Reflections which has peer-reviewed articles in Korean and English.

SCD Press has taken over the publication of the Early Christian Studies which was previously published by the Australian Catholic University and St Pauls, Sydney. This is an important monograph series.

Successful research thesis is also considered for publication.


Graduate Research School candidates and graduates are encouraged to speak to the Research Director about engaging in publication with the SCD Press. For submissions and expressions of interest, including successful research thesis, email [email protected]

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of SCD Press consists of:

  • Prof. Diane Speed (SCD Dean and CEO, Chair)
  • Prof. James Harrison (Research Director)
  • Dr Peter Bolt (SCD Academic Director).

Expert readers are engaged for particular series and volumes, and each series will have an Editorial Board with additional members with relevant expertise. In addition to the Editorial Board of SCD Press, the Series Editors for the Early Christian Studies Series, include:

  • Prof. Pauline Allen (Australian Catholic University)
  • Prof. Wendy Mayer (Australian Lutheran College)
  • Prof. Bronwen Neil (Macquarie University).

More information

More information is available about SCD Press on the Sydney College of Divinity home website.

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