The SCD Library

The Sydney College of Divinity Library is made up of branches operated by our Teaching Bodies. Graduate research students may use any branch of the library.

The Library

Branches of the SCD Library

Each branch of the SCD Library supports the educational needs of students and staff by providing accessible information in a variety of forms such as books, periodicals and electronic resources. For details on all the SCD Library branches including holdings, special collections and contact details view our SCD Libraries Brochure.


Graduate research students can access a catalogue of the holdings of all branches of the SCD Libary via a common web portal here:  Access online portal.

Borrowing Status

Graduate Research Students should nominate the library of an SCD Teaching Body as their home library and apply for borrowing status by submitting this form to the SCD Research Director.

Students and staff can also arrange to borrow items from any branch of the SCD library through reciprocal borrowing arrangements. Students wishing to borrow items from other branches of the SCD library should contact their Teaching Body librarian.

Students studying by distance can also arrange to borrow from any SCD library branch. Their Teaching Body librarian will provide further information and assistance.

SCD Graduate Research students may also borrow form the Macquarie University Library under a borrowing arrangement between SCD and Macquarie University.

Research Degree Library Resources Grant

A Research Degree Library Resources Grant is made each semester to the nominated SCD library in which the candidate is enrolled for the purchase of materials needed by the candidate.

Library Policy & Regulations

Our library operates according to this policy and users are required to abide by these regulations.

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