Research Strengths

Below are some of the Sydney College of Divinity faculty who have extensively published in the areas listed. Research students interested in a proposal in any of these areas can consider them as supervisors for their study.

Biblical studies

  • Dr Michele Connolly (Feminist and narrative Biblical studies)
  • Dr Lydia Gore-Jones (Jewish Apocalyptic literature)
  • Professor James Harrison (Historical Jesus, Pauline Studies, urban Christianity, Roman empire studies)

Church history studies

  • Dr Robert Andrews (19th century Anglo-Catholicism)
  • Associate Professor Doru Costache (Patristic era)
  • Dr Jin Heung Kim (Reformation history)

Mission studies

  • Professor Darren Cronshaw (Missional leadership)
  • Dr Mervyn Duffy (Pacific mission studies)

Pastoral studies

  • Professor Darren Cronshaw (Empirical congregational studies)
  • Dr Brendan Daly (Catholic Canon Law)
  • Dr André van Oudtshoorn (Reformed church practice)


  • Dr John Owens (Philosophy of religion)


  • Professor Les Ball (Theological education)
  • Associate Professor Doru Costache (Patristic theology)
  • Associate Professor David McEwan (Wesleyan theology)
  • Dr Philip Kariatlis (Orthodox theology, Trinity)
  • Associate Professor Gerard Kelly (Ecumenical theology, sacramental theology)
  • Dr Jin Heung Kim (Reformation theology)
  • Dr Peter McGregor (Ratzinger studies)
  • Professor Isabelle Naumann (Mariology)
  • Professor Neil Ormerod (Trinity, Christology, historical ecclesiology, Lonergan studies)
  • Dr Robert Tilley (Contemporary cultural studies)
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