Becoming a Researcher

Learn how to undertake research in Biblical studies, theology, humanities in the Christian tradition, and Christian life and ministry.

Research Training

Research Seminars

Research Seminars are held approximately eight times a year. They take place in Sydney in the evening and Sydney-based students are expected to attend the Research Seminars regularly in person. Students living beyond Sydney are asked to attend in person at least once a year and otherwise to attend the seminars by electronic means.

All research students are expected to present a short paper related to their thesis work at intervals, and to take turns in presenting prepared responses to other students’ papers, apart from participating in the general discussion following paper presentations. The modelling of formal presentation and response is intended as training in research conference participation. As well as contributing to the development of each person’s research capacity and skills, moreover, these seminars allow students who may be carrying out their work alone to experience membership of a community of scholars and make friends with other people in a similar position.

Research Workshops

Research workshops are offered to help research students with practical research skills.  For more information, contact Professor Jim Harrison, Research Director, email [email protected]


SCD research students are encouraged to attend and offer papers at the SCD conferences and other academic conferences that are publicised within SCD. The SCD has partnered with four other national theological institutions in developing the annual Postgraduate Research Conference: Theology and Philosophy, where SCD research students are encouraged to offer papers or simply attend and meet other research students from across the sector.

Research Training in Coursework Degrees

As well as the program of research degrees, the SCD offers research opportunities for students in other graduate programs, who may occasionally participate in relevant research degree activities and meet current research degree candidates.

The BTh (Hons) and BMin (Hons) require production of a short thesis under the direction of a supervisor. The Master’s coursework degrees and their nested components provide for research projects (equivalent to one course unit) and research essays (equivalent to either two or four course units), as well as a Research Methodology unit. Such experience provides a sound basis for proceeding to a research degree. For research elements in these awards see the SCD Handbook.

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