Research Resources


SCD has one of the largest bodies of theological staff in the country. All candidates have both a principal supervisor and an associate supervisor, formally appointed by the SCD Research Committee and always research-active in the relevant field. The principal supervisor will normally be a staff member of a Member Institution of the Sydney College of Divinity but may be an external academic specially engaged for the purpose.


SCD also possesses a number of excellent theological libraries located within the Member Institutions and Korean School of Theology, their holdings collectively available to all current SCD students as ‘the SCD Library’. Each research degree candidate nominates as a home library one of these SCD libraries. A Research Degree Library Resources Grant is made each semester to the nominated SCD library in which the candidate is enrolled for the purchase of materials needed by the candidate. Candidates may also avail themselves of a borrowing arrangement with Macquarie University.

Research Director

The Research Director is a key resource for guidance, the first person to turn to with any question. The Research Director interviews potential research candidates and, working with the Research Committee, superintends their candidature, organises the Research Seminars and Research Workshops, processes the biannual Progress Reports of candidates, and oversees their thesis examination.