General Regulations

Student Grievance

The Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) is committed to living out its vision and values in establishing and maintaining a harmonious and supportive environment conducive to study and personal development. SCD has a responsibility under legislation to ensure that students are not subjected to discrimination, harassment, vilification, victimization, or other forms of unfairness. SCD recognizes that students may sometimes feel they have experienced disadvantage or distress and will ensure that grievances are responded to promptly, in a consistent and transparent manner, with minimum stress and maximum protection for all concerned.

SCD’s Student Grievance Policy and Procedures provides a mechanism for addressing grievances arising out of any kind of situation or process affecting the student, whether academic or non-academic. It applies to all students currently or previously enrolled in SCD courses delivered by the SCD teaching bodies or Research Degrees Program, regardless of the location of the campus at which the grievance has arisen, the student’s place of residence, or the mode of study.

The content listed on this site as part of the GRS Handbook is relevant to research students enrolled with the School and is taken in part from the SCD Student Grievance Policy and Procedures. The full policy can be viewed on the Sydney College of Divinity website.


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