Academic Misconduct

Records and Communication

Records of the making and resolution of a complaint about academic misconduct will be kept in a separate file for each complaint. When a complaint is established, a note recording the nature of the complaint and any penalty imposed will be placed on the person’s file. A person’s academic transcript will not contain any reference to academic misconduct as the reason for a course result or other record.

In general, information about established complaints will be kept confidential.

The Dean is authorised to inform another educational institution of an established complaint of academic misconduct if the Dean considers it appropriate to do so. In the case of the revocation and annulment of a degree or other award, the Dean is authorised to make such public announcement as the Dean, on the advice of Council, may think appropriate in the circumstances of the case. Nothing in this paragraph prevents the transmission of information within the Sydney College of Divinity for the purpose of giving effect to these procedures.

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