Academic Misconduct

Appeal Academic Misconduct Committee Decision

A person against whom a complaint of misconduct has been established under these procedures may appeal to the SCD Academic Board within thirty days of receiving the decision of an Academic Misconduct Committee. If a person lodges an appeal, the implementation of any penalty will be stopped until the appeal is resolved.

The Chair of the Academic Board will, as required, appoint an Academic Misconduct Appeals Committee of three persons to hear appeals on matters of academic misconduct. The members of this Committee will be the Academic Board Chair and two other senior and experienced persons external to the SCD and its Member Institutions.

The Academic Misconduct Appeals Committee thus appointed:

  1. may establish its own procedures, including the election of a Chair;
  2. must allow the appellant to present an appeal in writing and in person;
  3. must permit the person to be accompanied to any hearing by person acting as advocate;
  4. having considered the evidence before it, will make its findings on the balance of probabilities: where the complaint is a grave one or likely to be attended by serious consequences, the Committee should be more clearly convinced of the misconduct than would be required in less serious kinds of case;
  5. may affirm, vary or set aside the decision under appeal;
  6. will report its decision to:
    • the appellant;
    • the Chair of Academic Board, who will report the outcome of any misconduct appeal to the Academic Board and to Council; and
    • the Dean, who will be responsible for implementing the decision of the Committee.
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