Graduate Research School

The Graduate Research School is the entity in which research degree students interact with each other and established scholars from the SCD faculty and beyond, who provide both the supervision of individual theses and associated research activities that support students in entering the wider world of research. The Graduate Research School draws on and contributes to the overall research ethos of SCD. It is coordinated by the Research Director.

Research Ethos

A vibrant research ethos is a clear distinguishing feature of SCD, as recognized by Government agencies in recent years.

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Research Degrees

The SCD currently offers four accredited postgraduate research awards, one at master’s level and three at doctoral level, to suit different student needs.

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Research Candidature

Research degree candidates are enrolled directly in the SCD Graduate Research School, not via an individual Member Institution or the Korean School of Theology, but supervisors are usually based in Member Institutions or the Korean School of Theology and students use the libraries of these institutions: (link to Library); occasionally, a supervisor may be an external academic based in another theological college or university. All supervisors are required to have recognition as being research-active. For the policy regarding SCD faculty see Research Active in the SCD Policy.

The fact that the research degrees are delivered centrally contributes to the sense of sharing in a collective experience as the SCD Graduate Research School.

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