May 2020 Research Writers Workshop

With the current health emergency generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have decided to call off the first of the Research Writers Workshop for this year. This is a prudent response to the situation which eliminates risks for all those participating. Hopefully by second semester the situation will have been resolved and we can go ahead with the further two planned workshops at the dates indicated below.

Research Writers Workshops seek to promote quality research within the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD). These workshops offer SCD faculty members the opportunity to turn their good ideas into publishable outputs targeting quality international journals.

In 2020 there were to be three workshops with the first one open only to the Sydney College of Divinity faculty. Now, there will be only two workshops with the second workshops to have equal participation from both SCD and our colleagues in the Australian College of Theology.

Participants will be mentored by two/three internationally recognised scholars who will assist you in building up your ideas, shaping them into a research paper, and submitting this paper to a quality journal. This exercise will be in the company of other scholars such as yourself seeking the same goal. The workshop will be limited to eight participants together with the two/three senior researchers.

Application and Research Proposal

Participation for the next workshop will be on the basis of your research proposal. You must attach your research proposal when submitting the online application. You research proposal should be no more than 500 words in which you outline the idea you would like to work on and the approach you will take (bibliography not required). If the workshop is oversubscribed candidates will be chosen on a selective basis, to be decided by the SCD Research Office.

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