Progressing student

Engagement opportunities

At the Sydney College of Divinity we have a vibrant research culture which is expressed in institutional research and in research training in Biblical studies, theology, humanities in the Christian tradition, and in Christian life and ministry. As part of our commitment to build on our strong research ethos we have established the SCD Press and the Centre for Gospels and Acts Research. We organize annual conferences and lectures that present opportunities for our students to engage in an environment of research excellence.

Connect with other HDR students and established researchers

Your research will involve a great deal of autonomy as you investigate independently and develop new knowledge in your field. However, Research seminars, Sydney College of Divinity public lectures, CGAR annual conference, and other events provide opportunities for candidates to connect with established and developing researchers along the way. Students are encouraged to display initiative and self motivation as part of their study and attend the events to connect with researchers from within their discipline and related field of work.

Publish with SCD Press

One of the roles of your supervisor is to encourage and support you to publish your work. We encourage candidates to think about publishing with the SCD Press. Publishing opens new possibilities for collaboration and sharing of knowledge. Consider the opportunity to publish with us as you develop your research project and join a host of well respected researchers who have published with us.

Membership with the GCAR

Research students enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research in the field of the Gospels or Acts can get a subsidised yearly membership with the Sydney College of Divinity Centre for Gospels and Acts Research.


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