Nearing completion

Thesis presentation and binding after examination

Presentation and Binding of Thesis Following Examination

When the thesis has been examined and accepted, two copies bound in the manner described below should be sent to the Research Director, along with one copy in electronic form.

Each copy of the final version of the thesis should be bound in boards, covered with buckram or similar, and embossed on the spine as follows:

  1. At the bottom and across, the words:
    • ‘Sydney College of Divinity’
  2. 90mm from the bottom and across, the degree and year of submission, for example:
    • PhD
    • 2017
  3. Evenly spaced between the statement in (2) and the top of the spine, the initials and surname of the author. No other lettering or decoration should appear on the spine.
  4. Where the spine of the thesis is too thin to support lettering across, the wording should be printed along the spine reading from top to bottom.
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