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Termination of candidature

If the Research Degree Progress Report describes the candidate’s progress as unsatisfactory and there is no advance within a semester, the Research Committee will ask the candidate to show cause why candidature should not be terminated. Unsatisfactory progress occurs when there is no evidence that production of the thesis has been advanced by identifiable further research, constructive meetings of the candidate with the supervisor, or written drafts, and where there are insufficient grounds for special consideration.

Any show-cause submission by the candidate will be considered by the Research Committee and the Committee’s recommendation will be forwarded to the Academic Board. The Committee may recommend the termination of candidature, continuation of candidature, or imposition of conditions on continuation of candidature. If the candidate does not show cause, the Research Committee will recommend termination of candidature to the Academic Board.

Persons whose candidature has been terminated may have recourse to the appeals procedures. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.



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