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Extension or leave of absence from candidature

Candidates experiencing extended academic or personal difficulties should discuss their situation promptly with their supervisor and the Director of Research in order to establish the most effective way for them to proceed to eventual completion. In some situations it may be appropriate to apply for an extension. In other situations it may be appropriate to apply for leave of absence for a semester. Such applications should be addressed to the Director of Research and are considered by the Research Committee.

Extension of candidature

In certain circumstances the Research Committee may grant limited extensions of candidature upon application. The normal upper limits for extension are one semester for full-time candidates and two semesters for part-time candidates.

Leave of absence from candidature

For serious reasons the Research Committee may grant a candidate leave of absence from the program. This leave will not normally exceed one semester. The period of leave is not counted in the period of candidature. A candidate resuming after an absence must be enrolled for not less than one semester before being permitted to submit a thesis.

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