Getting started

Primary contact

Academic Registrar

The Registrar Ms Awo KwaKwa is your central point of contact for information and support on the administration and management of your research degree. The Registrar is also the Student Support Officer who can be contacted for information and concerns regarding health, safety and wellbeing.

[email protected]
+61 (02) 9888 1969


Research Director

The Research Director Professor James Harrison provides initial guidance in respect of the desired program, qualifications for admission, the DMin coursework if relevant, the intended research topic and supervision of the research, and remains the key contact for candidates in managing their progress.

[email protected]
+61 (02) 9888 1969



Your supervisor is the key contact throughout your degree. They will provide guidance on all aspects of your research. You will meet regularly with your supervisor to ensure you are making progress in your degree.

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