Getting started


An orientation seminar will be held each research period for all newly enrolled students in the Graduate Research School, including overseas students. This may be a group session face-to-face, by Zoom video conference, or one-on-one depending on numbers and student availability.

The orientation program will cover the following issues:

  • support services available to assist overseas students to help them adjust to study and life in Australia;
  • relevant English language and study assistance programs;
  • any relevant legal services;
  • relevant emergency services;
  • health and well-being services;
  • the Sydney College of Divinity facilities and resources;
  • complaints and appeals processes;
  • requirements for progress in the research degree;
  • the support services available to assist especially but not only overseas students with general or personal circumstances that are adversely affecting their education in Australia;
  • services overseas students can access for information on their employment rights and conditions, and how to resolve workplace issues, such as through the Fair Work Ombudsman;
  • establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Supervisor and Associate Supervisor;
  • engaging the wider academic world beyond the Sydney College of Divinity through conference attendance and presentations.

It will also cover the specific requirements and expectations for research students within the Sydney College of Divinity, from thesis proposal development to final submission and examination of their thesis. There will be the opportunity to raise questions.

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