Vision and Mission

Excellence in Research

The Sydney College of Divinity Graduate Research School seeks not only to produce scholars whose theological research reflects the highest academic excellence but also who exhibit its deep impact upon their character in their academic, denominational and professional leadership, as well as in the spiritual formation of their communities.

Our research program aims to raise up the next generation of theological scholars and teachers in diverse ecumenical contexts and to produce creative interdisciplinary thinkers and leaders who will transform the professions, social agencies, and pedagogic institutions in which they serve. Because of the ecumenical ethos of the Sydney College of Divinity, we hope through our research programs to foster reconciliation and integration in an increasingly divided world, as well as, in an ecclesial context, to respect the diversity of Christian tradition by learning from its richness. As such, the SCD Graduate Research School is fully integrative in its disciplines, transformative in its impact, and holistically missional in its aim of advancing the Kingdom of God through excellence in research.

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