Associate Professor David McEwan

Photo of Associate Professor David McEwanAcademic Dean at the Nazarene Theological College

HND (London), MDiv (NTS Kansas City), PhD (UQ).

Biographical Information

Associate Professor David McEwan, gained his doctorate from the University of Queensland, and has served as Academic Dean and a lecturer in theology and pastoral theology at Nazarene Theological College since 1997. While at NTC, he has taught in Fiji, Korea, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, the USA, the UK and Vanuatu. He is currently an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland and a Research Supervisor for the University of Manchester (UK). He is a Research Fellow of the Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research, Research Fellow of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre, and a member of the Wesleyan Theological Society (USA). Outside of his academic work, he serves as interim pastor of a Pacific Islander congregation in Logan and has previously pastored churches in both Australia and the UK. He currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Wesley Studies.

Research Interests

Associate Professor McEwan’s research interests include the life and times of John Wesley, contemporary Wesleyan theology and practice, pastoral ministry in a postmodern and postChristian context, and the application of Wesleyan theology to current cultural, ethical and social issues such as human sexuality and gender, disability, wellness, euthanasia, Christian higher education and spiritual formation.

Major Publications

He has published three monographs on Wesley and Wesleyan theology: Wesley as a Pastoral Theologian: Theological Methodology in John Wesley’s Doctrine of Christian Perfection (Paternoster, 2011), The Life of God in the Soul: the Integration of Love, Holiness and Happiness in the Thought of John Wesley (Paternoster, 2015), Exploring a Wesleyan Theology (Global Nazarene Publications, 2017). Two new monographs are in preparation:  Embracing the Doctrine of Holiness with Rob Fringer (Global Nazarene Publications, 2019) and Beyond Inclusion to Mutual Embrace: Defying Disability’s Impact (Pickwick, 2020). He has also published many articles and chapters in international journals and books.

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