Dr Jethro Jin Heung Kim

Photo of Dr Jethro Jin KimBA Western History (Seoul Nat Uni), MDiv Theology (Korea Theol Seminary, Kosin Uni), Drs & ThD Church History (Theologische Uni Kampen).

Biographical Information

Dr Jethro Jin Heung Kim is a Senior Lecturer at the Korean School of Theology of the Sydney College of Divinity. He studied Western History at Seoul National University (BA), Theology at Korea Theological Seminary (MDiv) and Church History at Theologische Universiteit te Kampen van de Gereformeerde Kerken Vrijgemaakt (Drs. & ThD).

Dr Kim joined the Korean School of Theology of the Sydney College of Divinity in 2014. Before coming to the Sydney College of Divinity, he taught Theology and Christian History at Kosin University, Daeshin University, and Korea Theological Seminary in South Korea. He is a member of the editorial committee of Korean Institute of Reformed Studies at Kosin University and teaches Church History and Theology units at the Korean School of Theology of the Sydney College of Divinity.

Research Interests

Since his doctoral studies in the Netherlands, Dr Kim has been interested in the Reformation History as an historical model of the actualization of the Christian past. The primary concern of his research interests and activities is the Reformed tradition of the 16th century Protestant Reformation.


Dr Kim has published books on Vermigli, an important 16th century Reformed theologian in Zurich, Scripturae et partum testimoniis: The Function of the Church Fathers and the Medievals in Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Two Eucharistic Treatises: Tractatio and Dialogus (Apeldoorn: Instituut voor Reformatieonderzoek, 2009), Peter Martyr Vermigli, an Theological Biography (Busan: Korean Institute of Reformed Studies, 2018). He has also published a monograph on Martin Luther, Survey on Luther’s Early Thought in his 95 Theses and the Heidelberg Theses (Seoul: Sungyak, 2017), as well as two books on Reformed catechisms, Analogia Fidei: True Christian Faith according to the Westminster Shorter Catechism (Seoul: Palmtreebooks, 2011, 2013), Presbyterian Faith according to the Reformed Catechisms (Seoul: Bread of Life, 2017). He has also translated several books including F.A. Schaeffer & David Bebbington.

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