Dr Peter Laughlin

Photo of Dr Peter LaughlinBEng (UWA), BTh(Hons) (SCD), PhD (ACU)

Biographical Information

Dr Peter R Laughlin joined the Australian College of Ministries, a member institution of the Sydney College of Divinty, as Dean of the Alliance Institute for Mission and Head of Theology in 2017. Prior to this he was the Director of the Alliance College of Australia in Canberra for six years.

In his capacity as Dean of the Alliance Institute for Mission he also serves on the editorial board of the Australian Journal for Mission Studies and is interested in contemporary mission practice. A serving member of the International Commission for Theological Education for the Alliance World Fellowship, he is also published in areas relating to the Christian and Missionary Alliance, most recently contributing to Advancing the Gospel (Forthcoming Pickwick Publications, 2019). His work amongst the Alliance has led to a practical interest in the development of effective theological education for the majority world.

Research Interests

Dr Laughlin’s research interests include the intersection between historical Jesus studies and atonement, divine justice, theodicy, human well-being, pneumatology and theological method.

Major Publications

His major work Jesus and the Cross: Necessity, Meaning and Atonement (Pickwick Publications, 2014) was published in the Princeton Theological Monograph Series and he has recently contributed to edited works such as Wellbeing, Personal Wholeness and the Social Fabric (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2017) and Justice, Mercy and Wellbeing: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (SCD Press, 2018).

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