Dr Andrew Murray

Photo of Dr Andrew Murray SMBA (Macquarie), MA (CUA Washington DC), GradDipHEd (UNSW), PhD (CUA).

Biographical Information

Dr Andrew Murray was on the faculty of the Catholic Institute of Sydney from 1992 till 2016.  He taught philosophy.  Before that he taught at Catholic Theological Union.  He remains research active in the Sydney College of Divinity.

Research Interests

Dr Andrew Murray’s research interests are in political philosophy, rhetoric and epistemology.  In more recent years this has focused on ways in which classical Greek, particularly Aristotelian, philosophy can be used to assist Pacific Island peoples to think about their political issues.  This research is on-going.

Major Publications

Murray, A. (2016). Thinking about political things : An Aristotelian approach to Pacific life (Marist Books Series). Adelaide, Australia: ATF Press.

Murray, A. (2012). Thinking things through essays on philosophy and Christian faith (Marist series). Adelaide, Australia: ATF Theology.

Murray, A. ed. (2011). I Confess: A Memoir of the Siege of Tobruk. Big Sky Publishing.

Murray, A. (2005). What can the church say? : Politics and religion in contemporary Australia (St Paul’s windows into… ; 5). Strathfield, N.S.W.: St Pauls Publications.

Murray, A. ed. (1994). The New Catechism : Analysis and commentary. Sydney: Catholic Institute of Sydney.

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